Promius Pharma

Promius Pharma

GENERIC DRUG (Promius Pharma)

The Challenge:
Create an app for a generic FDA approved drug that informs, educates and engages the patient as well as the provider about the product. The drug was approved in 2013 in the US

The Solution:
SourceRaven developed an informative and engaging app that gives both the patients and clinicians the ability to understand all aspects of the drug, from safety to adverse effects to prescription information. They have the;

• Ability to learn more about the biotechnology company
• Ability to access the drug’s support toolkit
• Ability to see all safety information and adverse effects
• Ability to access US prescribing information
• Ability to go through the drug’s step-by-step checklist which helps make sure patients have taken all of the necessary steps to meeting treatment requirements.
• Ability to access additional tips and resource contact information to help the patient’s experience with the drug and the treatment process flow smoothly.
• Ability to scroll through the drug’s medication guide

The Result:
A great reference tool for both the patient as well as the provider. The app is engaging, highly informative and guides the patient through the full spectrum of safety, tips and resources, to checklists, which leads to increased patient outcomes.