Mobile App – Mappost: University of Alaska

The Challenge

In spring of 2014, a mobile app competition aiming to increase sustainability at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) was hosted by the UAF Office of Sustainability in partnership with Verizon Wireless. The winning app would have to be user friendly, able to promote sustainable ideas and supported by the campus community.

Two apps won the competition, TransitTracker and Mappost. Mappost is an easy-to-use, location based community app which offers a way for students, faculty, staff and visitors to discover local opportunities. The app will increase the visibility of events and opportunities in a less energy, resource, and time intensive way than conventional promotion.

The Solution

The winning design (Mappost) was a mobile event app that provides UAF students, faculty and staff with a better mobile tool for locating, posting, sorting and filtering events and activities on campus. SourceRaven partnered with UAF to develop the mobile app Mappost that would give users the opportunity to easily find and post events, groups, notifications, and activities in their local area.

App Features

• Discover and search for opportunities near you via posts
• Posts are displayed on a clean user-friendly map of your local community
• See your current location in relation to posts
• Ability for users to add posts. Show an event or notification to a specific user group
• Create and subscribe to different groups to personalize what posts the user sees

The Result

Mappost was developed for iOS and Android devices to allow students, faculty, and staff at UAF to find and post events, groups, activities, and notifications to their community on a map. This sustainable app will provide the framework for social interaction, is driven by user-generated content, and will reduce waste associated with promoting events by providing a cost efficient way to get the word out.


From designing Mappost’s UI to having the working app, SourceRaven showed a solid commitment to being a reliable developer. SourceRaven provided dependable client relations while having to maintain communication with a large working team. Until the end, SourceRaven offered timely support and an exciting experience for a first time app creator. – Erik Williams