Fishing 2.0

Fishing 2.0

Mobile App – Fishing 2.0

The Challenge

An international client reached out to us for the development of a mobile application related to all things fishing. The self-contained app had to be designed to capture all necessary data from location to pictures to weather conditions. The app also had to have the ability to take personal notes about the type of luge, rod/reel and fish species caught.

The Solution

SourceRaven developed an engaging app that gave the user a major advantage over other fishing apps as they could:
• Ability to capture location and weather information in real time
• Ability to tag images with notes
• Ability to share images and information on social media or via email
• Ability to add information such as a fish species or a lure type or use the dropdown menu
• Ability to capture statistics from user’s fishing trip
• Ability to monetize the app through advertising

The Result

A self-contained app that greatly increases your chances of a having a great fishing trip. From the elegant UI/UX design, to the functionality such as “your sweet spot”, it’s a must have for any serious fisherman. The app captures all aspects of your fishing trip and stores it on the smart phone for bragging rights.