How We Partner With You

Our team has been successfully partnering with agencies for years, and our relationship with you is paramount. Once you introduce us to a client or prospect, the only way they can work with us on the project is through you. We work with your clients the way you want us to work with your clients.

When partnering with agencies on mobile solutions for their clients, we typically give our quote to the agency directly, the agency wraps it up into their quote to the client, and we then bill the agency in stages for the project payment.

Since Raven’s conversion-focused approach is so unique and compelling, many agencies involve us in their business development efforts. Agencies that include us in their sales process close a very high percentage of those jobs. We find that once your client sees our Detailed Discovery phase, meets our experienced team, and our approach to their business needs, they develop a much deeper understanding of how they can utilize mobile. Ultimately this tends to lead to bigger budgets and the opportunity for both Raven and the agency to do much more impactful work for the client.